Excel Staffing Services Inc is a diverse employment agency designed to assist you with your challenging and hard to fill staffing needs. Our Primary Goal is to present both our client and employee with a perfect fit to create a "win-win" situation by adhering to professionalism, honesty and integrity. Here at Excel Staffing we are a team of professionals that take pride in what we do. We make sure that our most valuable tool both (clients and employees) are satisfied. While concentrating on quality not quantity when seeking out the right person for our client’s organization, we will thoroughly prescreen each candidate before presenting them to you. We give both candidates and clients the opportunity to meet one on one before an offer of employment has been made by our client, or accepted by a potential candidate.

We offer 2 types of hiring options:

Permanent Hire: A client prefer to hire a candidate on a permanent basis directly on their payroll. As a result, we will offer our client a 2 month replacement guarantee. A one time permanent placement fee will be charged and agreed upon by the client.

Temporary Hire:Temporary Hire: A client prefer to hire a candidate for a 1 day assignment which can lead to 3 months in any of the area’s we hire for. This option allows our client to assess a potential employee’s work ethic, suitability and fit for a particular position. It also will give a potential candidate an opportunity to decide whether a particular position fits his/her career goals and future aspirations. We will handle all employee payroll, government remittance and taxes issues. A one time all inclusive hourly rate will be charged and billed to the client.

Excel Staffing has built a business using the simple formula of providing qualified candidates, excellent replacement guarantees and exceptional customer satisfaction. We are confident that after you have met or spoken to one of our friendly, well trained recruitment specialist, you will be confident that choosing Excel Staffing as your preferred outside staffing source and trusted friend is the right choice.