Thank you for becoming a part of Excel Staffing Services Inc.

We realize and understand that the employees we send out to our clients are a representation of who we are. We are committed to providing excellent client and employee relationships.

Timesheet Procedure

All timesheets are to be faxed into our office every Friday before 3:00 p.m. As an employee of Excel it is your responsibility to make sure that time sheets are received in our office by the deadline. Please make sure that the timesheet you are faxing is legible to avoid any delays with your pay cheque. If we do not receive your timesheet by the deadline, you will be paid the following week.

Make sure time sheets are signed by your supervisor. Retain a copy of the time sheet for your employer/yourself.

Receiving your paycheque

You will be paid on an hourly basis with vacation pay included. The standard deductions required by law will be taken off you pay ex: ( Income Tax, Canada Pension Plan, and Employment Insurance). You must also complete the Personal Tax Credits Return F orm. Employees have 2 options of payment methods (direct deposit or manual cheque). Manual cheques will be mailed out 1 day after the pick up date if you do not come into our office and pick it up. Employee's who opt for the direct deposit payment method will have funds deposited into their account every Friday.

Contact Us
  • If you have any additional questions concerning your assignment
  • When your assignment is finished
  • If you change your address/telephone number
  • If you incur any type of injury
  • If you are going to be late or absent for an assignment
  • If the client offers you another position other than the assignment agreed upon by us and the client.


  • Do not discuss your pay rate with others
  • Keep company information confidential
  • Present yourself in a professional manner and dress according to the office setting.
  • Please respect our client by not make personal phone calls on company time or phone.